Landscapes in Sounds

7 pieces for piano

AlLa Pushnenkova

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Landscapes in Sounds

7 pieces for piano composed by Alla Pushnenkova

In the process of studying piano playing it is very important to develop musicality simultaneously with technique. Only combination of these two components defines the future success of a musician. This book shows author’s concern to unite these two components.

Most piano pieces for children lack technical elements of piano playing that we associate with mature technique.

The author’s aim was to compose such piano pieces that unite this same textual simplicity but steal have technical models of mature piano playing.

It defined the author’s search for a musical language that along with its simplicity could be close and comprehensible to children, synthesizing classical and modern soft music in the melodic and rhythmic aspects.

The author of the book united all the piano pieces by the images of nature as it could be visualized by a child or an adult. In most pieces student’s attention is concentrated on timbre and color capabilities of the piano. Pedals are necessary for playing romantic and impressionistic music.

The author believes that this book can give young musicians an opportunity not only to enjoy piano playing but also to improve piano technique.

Landscapes in Sounds - Composto por AlLa Pushnenkova


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Landscapes in Sounds - Composto por AlLa Pushnenkova


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Alla Pushnenkova

Alla Pushnenkova was born in Russia. She is lives since 2001 till now in Portugal. She is Professor of High School of music (conservatoire) in Gaia and Professor of Conservatoire of music Calouste Gulbenkian in Aveiro (Portugal).

Award winner of the International piano competition named after Pier Lantue in Paris, 1996, the third prize of the International piano competition in Monkalieri (Italy), 1999.

In 1989-2001 worked at the State Chelyabinsk Academy of Art and Culture (Russia), professor and chair of Department of Piano. Has many bright students, among which prize winners of music competitions of Russia and internationals.

In 1996 Alla Pushnenkova was included into the Catalog of the Russian fund of culture. Has a broadcast and TV record.

In Portugal she lives an active artistic life as musician. She gives solo concerts as well as plays together with different musicians from Portugal and Spain. She takes part in musical festivals, hold master-class seminars.

In the year 2004 she took part in The 5th International Festival of Piano Music “Devoted to the Great Pianists” (Aveiro, Portugal). She is an active propagandist of Russian music and Russian piano school, as well as music contemporary and music of Portugal.

As having such a mission, she organizes and takes part in yearly conferences and series of concerts. Special attention was given to the concerts of The Music of Rahmaninov, Festival International of Music de Vila Nova de Gaia, Festival- memorial of Lopes Graça and reports “Essential methodological aspects of Russian piano school”.

Paisagens em sons - Composto por AlLa Pushnenkova

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